Worship online September 5

Dear members of Harcourt Parish:

The Vestry has had to make the difficult decision to return to predominantly online services for the time being. 

As of Thursday, September 2nd, Kenyon has entered another period of Covid mitigation including the limiting of non-academic indoor gatherings and number of people attending outdoor events on campus properties. As ever, Harcourt Parish strives to be a good and responsible partner to the College, but more than that, we want to be mindful of and care for our congregants’ physical and mental health as well as spiritual.

We the Vestry, and Rachel, do recognize some of our congregation will be very discouraged about reengaging with online worship. If weather permits, Rachel will hold Mass on the Grass at 3:00pm and 4:30pm Sundays. Please make sure that you sign up at this link to reserve your spot as outdoor gatherings are being limited.

While we are all disheartened at the idea of not returning to services in our beloved Chapel, we are reminded again how Church is not the place but the people. Together, we are the church in the world and on our Hill.

God’s blessings,
Your vestry and wardens 

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