Return to indoor worship and Covid Update

As we anticipate the start of fall and a bit of “normal” life, I urge us as a congregation to remember that we are still adapting to what “learning to live with Covid” means for each of us. I believe it is central to our mission as a church that we continue to recognize the reality of Covid and that we continue to gather in ways that account for the needs of the vulnerable. 

While masks are no longer required on the Kenyon campus, I will continue to urge the importance of wearing high quality masks — especially for those in positions of leadership during the service (ushes, acolytes, etc). Removing masks in order to read or to sing an anthem seems a helpful compromise given accessibility concerns for those who struggle to hear through masks.

I remain grateful for the faithfulness this community has shown to love our neighbors through this ongoing pandemic, and I am confident we can find ways to navigate the changing public health landscape together. 

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